Lucia Tkáčová
Lucia Tkáčová
Kapitál, 2006
Lucia Tkáčová
winner Oskar Cepan Award , 2006
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First common exhibition of Lucia Tkačová and Anetta Mona Chisa was in 2001 and was entitled Les amies. Since then they implemented several common projects, both artistic and curator, focused on reflection of current problems in visual arts. While their exhibitions A Room of Their Own, 2003 and Chlap, hrdina, duch, stroj, 2006 were focused on critical reflection on gender issues and their (re)interpretation through comments on gender stereotypes in contemporary arts, the series of videos, such as Late Night Video, Home Video, Seductive Verwertung, subverts certain communities, groupings, and positions of power. Based solely on aesthetic evaluation criteria they create new categories that marginalize and undermine traditionally steady positions of exclusively masculine, and later also more generally valid structures and local communities. Lucia Tkáčová and Anetta Mona Chisa focus on problems by means of which they can humorously and ironically disrupt stable securities in the cultural, social, geographic or historical context.

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Lucia Tkáčová Lucia Tkáčová Lucia Tkáčová Lucia Tkáčová